Parenting, whether very young children or teenagers launching into adulthood, is filled with intense joys and profound struggles.  We desperately want to keep our children safe while being tasked with preparing them to be successful and independent adults.  Frequently, we enter parenthood with a clear idea of how we will parent and then find that daily demands or the unique needs of a child make it difficult to parent in a way that feels authentic and positive.  This, coupled with whatever wounds we bring from our own childhoods, often makes modern parenting complicated, lonely and filled with uncertainties.

While I view parenting as a life-long relationship rather than a specific skill to be learned, that doesn't mean that we can't benefit from adopting new methods of connecting with and responding to our children.  Parent coaching may be done in collaboration to a child or parent’s individual therapy or as a separate modality to support parents without involving children in treatment. Apart from personally knowing the multiple challenges of parenting, I've also completed extensive parent-coaching training and am a Positive Discipline Educator and Certified ScreamFree Parenting Leader.  My professional and personal training in parenting, along with my training in child development, play therapy and mindfulness, allows for an integrated and supportive approach to improving family connection and relationships. Additionally, I facilitate several parent workshops on topics such as mindful parenting, playful parenting, limit-setting, and effective family communication.  I am always honored to partner with parents in support for this most critical and under-resourced job.