Mindful Family Life

Through their private practices, Jessi and, fellow mindfulness psychotherapist and mother, Elizabeth Wilder Young, collaborate to provide some family mindfulness retreats and workshops throughout the year.  Please be in touch if you would like to request a program for a group or school.  A summary of some of the offerings are listed below, and the best way to stay up to date and register for these events is by visiting www.MindfulFamilyLife.com

Family Mindfulness Play Day for Preschoolers (3-6 years old) 

January 26, 2019

Join us for a playful one and a half hours of mindful connection with your preschoolers.  Research repeatedly shows that children best practice the emerging skills of emotion regulation and cooperativeness with adults with whom they feel most connected, and mindfulness is a powerful way to support both children and adults in this important journey.  This fun and playful event is appropriate for families new to mindfulness as well as those where a parent has an established practice and is interested in sharing the benefits with their children.  The morning will include some limited discussion about the ways to incorporate informal mindfulness at home with young children and lots of hands-on activities. The event is specifically designed to engage young, energetic children and model ways to support family mindfulness practices. Grandparents and other caregiving adults are welcome to attend as part of the family.  Parents who would like additional information on benefits of and individual adult mindfulness practices are encouraged to attend a Mindful Parenting workshop and/or schedule an individual consultation with either Jessi or Liz.  

Family Mindfulness Retreat:  A Half-Day Experience for Parents & Their School-aged Children (5-11 years old)    

April 13, 2019

Join us for a day of learning and exploring how mindfulness can help your family thrive. This group is geared towards families curious to explore mindfulness for the first time, as well as for those looking to deepen an existing practice. Mindfulness practices shared within a family strengthen connections, improve communication, and promote more harmonious family living. Mindfulness also allows us to be truly present for the inevitable challenges that arise in our families and to approach them with compassion and wisdom. This half-day event, geared towards younger children, will include mostly hands-on, playful activities and family exercises. The day is designed for children, aged 5-9 years old, and their parents or guardians.

Mindful Parenting Workshop: How a moment of calm can bring joy, peace, and connection to your home

Join us for this two and a half hour workshop designed for parents and caregivers.  Jessi will discuss how mindfulness can support parents through the many demands of parenting and the growing use of mindfulness with children and adolescents.  Participants will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of mindfulness and its many benefits, as well as strategies to support mindfulness practice within their home.   The workshop will include some practice examples as well as a discussion of creative ways to find time for a mindfulness practice in the already over-busy life of a parent.  The workshop is designed for people new to mindfulness as well as those who already have an established practice and can be tailored to fit the needs of specific groups as needed.  

Please visit www.MindfulFamilyLife.com for a complete listing of offerings.