Family Mindfulness Retreat:  A Half-Day Experience for Parents & Their Younger Children (5-9 years old)    

Join us for a day of learning and exploring how mindfulness can help your family thrive. This group is geared towards families curious to explore mindfulness for the first time, as well as for those looking to deepen an existing practice. Mindfulness practices shared within a family strengthen connections, improve communication, and promote more harmonious family living. Mindfulness also allows us to be truly present for the inevitable challenges that arise in our families and to approach them with compassion and wisdom. This half-day event, geared towards younger children, will include mostly hands-on, playful activities and family exercises. The day is designed for children, aged 5-9 years old, and their parents or guardians.

Jessi and longtime colleague and skilled psychotherapist, Elizabeth Wilder Young, LCSW, will jointly lead this daylong family retreat. Both bring years of experience working with children and families, presenting workshops, and developing their own dedicated mindfulness practice. Apart from teaching mindfulness to children and families, Elizabeth and Jessi also incorporate mindfulness into their own parenting practices.  You may learn more about them by visiting their respective websites at and  

Date: April 29, 2017

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location:  The Atlanta Friends Meeting, 701 W Howard Avenue Decatur, GA 30030

Cost: $99 for the first adult & child; $69 for additional adult(s) and $49 for additional children

* No more than 2 children per adult, please.  To maintain an environment in which all participants can be fully engaged, please arrange alternative care for children younger than 10.  A half-day retreat for younger children is planned for April 29, 2017 with information available at  Grandparents or other caregivers are welcome to join as well.  

What's Included:

We will provide coffee & pastries in the morning, as well as instructional & experiential exercises geared towards adults only, towards kids only, and for families as a whole.

To bring:

Please bring a water bottle for each participant. We will provide some meditation cushions, but please bring your own if you have one that you would like to use. Please also bring a yoga mat and/or blanket for each family members that each of you will be comfortable sitting/ lying on the floor for certain exercises.

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